Mussels on the beach

How to get fresh seafood in Cornwall

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Sunset on the beach in Jersey

Holidays in the northern parishes of Jersey

Find out the best spots to holiday in the north of Jersey

5 Reasons to Visit Geneva, Switzerland

Far from the loud crowded beaches of Spain, or the hustle and bustle of Paris, Geneva entertains tourists with quiet dignity.

Holland's countryside

Things to do in Holland in September 2013

Holland, close to the UK, remain a popular holiday destination. Here are a few things not to miss out on if you are one of the many people visiting it.

Beautiful golf course

5 of Europe’s most picturesque golf courses

Thinking of playing golf abroad? Here are some of the most beautiful settings across the Mediterranean countries and Scotland, the home of golf.

A beautiful place to relax

The Cotswolds – ideal for family holidays

Entertain the kids – and yourself – with beautiful views and lots of hands-n activities, all within the Cotswolds. From falcons to golfing and Berkeley Castle steeped in history, you won’t get bored.

Sea turtles - an endangered species

How You Can Save Turtles in Costa Rica

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Ile de Batz, Bretagne

Top three places to emigrate to in Europe

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Houses of Parliament

How housesitting gave me a local’s view

Housesitting in the city where you live? Crazy? Well, the best way to discover an unfamiliar part.

On a roller coaster - can all lions and tigers sit at the rear please?

Say Hola to your next Spanish holiday!

Salou here I come. With award-winning beaches, theme parks and water parks, and of course penty of sun, the excitement is unbearable…